Researcher Develops a New Generation of Graphene

Graphene has many incredible properties, but to date it has been difficult to use on a large scale in industry due to the fact it loses its properties and goes back to its origin graphite when it is used in that scale.

6SigmaET Release Enhances Modelling for Faster Thermal Simulation

Future Facilities has launched Release 12 of its thermal simulation software, 6SigmaET. This release incorporates a number of significant modelling enhancements that deliver another boost to overall simulation speed – extending 6SigmaET’s performance advantage compared to alternative tools. Release 12 also includes

Taking Temperature in 2D

To build robust electronic devices, it is crucial to know how the components change size in response to heat generated by electric currents. A new experiment demonstrates electron microscopy as a tool for creating a map—with nanometer resolution—of thermal expansion in 2D

Nanostructures Control Heat Transfer

For the first time, Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch and his research group at the University of Bayreuth have succeeded in precisely controlling temperature-dependent thermal conductivity with the help of polymer materials. These advanced functional materials — initially produced for laboratory experiments —

U.S. Launch for Specialty Cordierite Ceramics

IPS Ceramics USA has announced that one of the brand new lines being launched at Ceramics Expo 2018 (1-3 May 2018, Cleveland, OH) will feature two types of cordierite ceramic. Cordierite ceramics are well known for their exceptional resistance to thermal shock.