Improved Thermal-Shock Resistance in Industrial Ceramics

Ceramic materials are used in nuclear, chemical and electrical power generation industries because of their ability to withstand extreme environments. However, at high temperatures, ceramics are susceptible to thermal-shock fractures caused by rapid temperature-changing events, such as cold water droplet contact with

Thermal Switch Discovered in Engineered Squid-Based Biomaterials

Tuning materials for optimal optical and electrical properties is becoming commonplace. Now, researchers and manufacturers may be able to tune materials for thermal conductivity by using a squid-inspired protein made of multiple DNA repeats. “Controlling thermal transport in modern technologies — refrigeration,

Researchers Working on New Ways to Cool Hotspots in Electronics

ECE Assistant Professor Lucy Shi and her team of researchers in the Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Devices Laboratory at UIC are focusing on using a novel method for cooling hotspots in electronics and capturing the wasted heat to use to power the devices. The