VELO3D Announces Record Sales Growth for Q3 2019

VELO3D, an innovator in metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), has announced record sales growth in Q3, closing the quarter with sales totaling $15 million. This brings total sales for the first year of commercialization to $24 million. VELO3D launched their advanced Sapphire 3D metal

PWR Advanced Cooling Technology Chooses Velo3D for High-Performance Heat Exchangers

Velo3D, an innovator in metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), has entered into a collaborative partnership with PWR for material development for the Sapphire 3D metal printer and serial manufacturing of state-of-the-art heat exchangers. With bases in Australia, the USA and the UK, PWR is a

Negative Thermal Expansion Design Strategies in Metal-Organic Frameworks

In a study just published in the renowned journal Advanced Functional Materials, a team of American and Dutch researchers present design strategies for adjusting the thermal expansion behavior of microporous Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). In particular, the ability to realise negative thermal expansion coefficients

Semiconductor Demand from Industrial Applications Saw Increases in 2018

Benefitting from broad-based demand growth generated by a plethora of applications, the global industrial semiconductor market expanded by 10.8 percent to reach $52 billion in 2018, according to IHS Markit | Technology. Fast-growing applications for industrial chips in 2018 included networking devices,

Henkel Debuts Efficiency-Enhancing EV Battery Material Solutions

Henkel has released its latest material technologies for cost-effective high-volume assembly, protection and thermal control of next-generation electric vehicle (EV) battery systems. Understanding the competitive requirements to lower battery cost, raise performance and ensure operational safety and reliability, Henkel materials specialists have