JBC Technologies Introduces an Alternative to Traditional Metal Heat Shields

JBC Technologies is excited to introduce TABshield a new product portfolio of lightweight, flexible, easy-to-install composite materials for targeted thermal and acoustical protection. It is a lower cost solution to traditional metal heat shields and is perfect for applications with space constraints. Additional benefits

Rogers Corp. Addresses Heat Surges in Portable Devices with HeatSORB Phase-Change Materials

Rogers Corp. is expanding its line of HeatSORB proprietary phase change materials that address thermal management challenges inherent in today’s high-end portable electronics. HeatSORB is a unique material capable of consistently absorbing large amounts of heat within a very specific temperature window. The

DENSO and Toyota to Establish Joint Venture for R&A Development of Next-Gen, In-vehicle Semiconductors

DENSO Corp. and Toyota Motor Corp. have agreed to establish a joint venture* for research and advanced development of next-generation, in-vehicle semiconductors. The two companies will study the details and aim to establish the new company in April 2020. Recently, electronic controls

Success Stories: Simulation Applications Enable Collaboration in Developing New Products

COMSOL Inc. published its annual compilation of customer success stories featured in the latest edition of COMSOL News. This year’s issue features a variety of academic and commercial examples from engineers who push the limits of technology using COMSOL Multiphysics for innovative

Heat Transport can be Blocked More Effectively with a More Optimized Holey Nanostructure

The group of professor Ilari Maasilta at the Nanoscience Center, University of Jyväskylä specializes on studying how different nanostructures can be used to enhance or impede the transport of heat. The group’s latest results, published in the journal Physical Review Applied on the 3rd