6SigmaET Release Enhances Modelling for Faster Thermal Simulation

Future Facilities has launched Release 12 of its thermal simulation software, 6SigmaET. This release incorporates a number of significant modelling enhancements that deliver another boost to overall simulation speed – extending 6SigmaET’s performance advantage compared to alternative tools. Release 12 also includes

Thermal Management of High Power GaN-HEMTs by Surface Activated Bonding of SiC/Diamond

Fujitsu Ltd. has developed a unique technology for the surface activated bonding (SAB) of a single-crystal diamond to a SiC substrate at room-temperature (RT) for high-efficiency cooling of high-power GaN high electron mobility transistors (GaN-HEMTs). This technology is expected to expand the

Taking Temperature in 2D

To build robust electronic devices, it is crucial to know how the components change size in response to heat generated by electric currents. A new experiment demonstrates electron microscopy as a tool for creating a map—with nanometer resolution—of thermal expansion in 2D

Supplier Selection Solutions Enabled a Leading Thermal Interface Materials Manufacturer to Identify New Suppliers

Infiniti Research, a global competitive intelligence solutions provider, has released their new supplier selection study on the manufacturing industry. A renowned thermal interface material manufacturer wanted to profile various vendors with excellent technical capabilities to further streamline their performance and quality. The client