VELO3D Announces Record Sales Growth for Q3 2019

VELO3D, an innovator in metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), has announced record sales growth in Q3, closing the quarter with sales totaling $15 million. This brings total sales for the first year of commercialization to $24 million. VELO3D launched their advanced Sapphire 3D metal

PWR Advanced Cooling Technology Chooses Velo3D for High-Performance Heat Exchangers

Velo3D, an innovator in metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), has entered into a collaborative partnership with PWR for material development for the Sapphire 3D metal printer and serial manufacturing of state-of-the-art heat exchangers. With bases in Australia, the USA and the UK, PWR is a

ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Center Announces First Round of R&D Projects

Global standards developer ASTM International recently announced its first round of funding to support research that will help catalyze the development of needed standards in additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. This investment of $300,000 and in-kind contributions will help partners in the ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Center